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Hello?  This is Lyon.
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13th Star

Oct. 30th, 2011 12:43 pm
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[It's a beautiful day in Mayfield, and Lyon greets the day early in the morning by clawing her way up through several feet of dirt.  This dress she's wearing isn't exactly standard attire for a Queen's Knight apprentice, but for some reason it just feels right today.  And there's one person in particular she definitely can't wait to see.]

Prince... my prince.  Where are you?

[Aw yeah.  Lyon's ankle is healed, she's got her sexy dress on, and she's lookin' for love.  She's headed straight for 753 Partridge to pay a visit to her beloved Prince, but she's not in such a hurry that she won't take some time out to slowly menace her other close CR along the way.]

12th Star

Oct. 21st, 2011 04:40 pm
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[Well, this is embarrassing.  Despite what a certain Falenan knight told a certain tactician at homecoming - no, Lyon never had any formal training in how to dance, and it is not at all like the footwork involved in swordplay.  She did manage to get a bit of dancing in with the Prince, but took a rather unfortunate spill a few songs in and twisted her ankle.  Over the ensuing week, Lyon can be found at home and around town dealing with this in a number of ways.]

1. [Action; 747 Patridge; Sunday through Tuesday]

[Lyon knows enough about basic medicine to know two things about a sprained ankle: one, the best thing you can do is to elevate it and keep it on ice, and two, since it's really just torn ligaments out of place and not an actual wound, her Shield Rune isn't going to be much use in fixing it.  Housemates will find Lyon pouting and trying to just relax and take it easy around the house most of the time.  She's still sleeping in her bed, but is very careful on her way down the stairs and spends a good deal of the day lying on the couch with her foot propped up on a pillow.  By Tuesday, the monotony of not really being able to do much but sit around eating cereal and watching TV is really starting to get to her.]

2. [Action; around town and Mayfield High; Wednesday]

[Today would have been the third day of missed school if Lyon had elected to stay home anymore, and she isn't willing to take that risk.  She knows it would end up with her being droned, and who knows, maybe her drone wouldn't have known about the sprained ankle.  Far too risky, so she's sucking it up and trying to make it through a normal day.  And because Lyon is stubborn, she's sort of half-limping along all day in an effort to tough things out.  She's rested her ankle for a couple of days by this point, so everything should be fine, right?]

3. [Action; around town; Thursday and Friday]

[Wrong.  Turns out you really shouldn't try to push things before you're fully recovered from something like this.  So by Thursday, Lyon's making her way around school on crutches.  Her stubbornness the day before is probably going to push full recovery back a couple of days, and while she could probably get away with taking the rest of the week off school again and just going back Monday, Lyon is nothing if not diligent in her studies and doesn't want to fall behind in her meaningless Mayfield classes.  She's getting around well enough, but things like opening the bathroom door so it doesn't swing back and hit her while she makes her way through and getting her tray to a table at lunch are proving to be something of a challenge.]

11th Star

Oct. 8th, 2011 01:18 pm
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[It's been a while since Lyon has had to actively worry about anything terrible happening to herself, the Prince, or any of her housemates or other friends from home.  The months leading up to October haven't been quite as rife with the usual death and terror - or at least, not as much of it.  So even though she's still checking up on the Prince every day like a good little bodyguard, she's also managed to let her guard down just enough to develop some hobbies and start enjoying herself.  She can be found in one of the following places lately.]

[Action; Mayfield High; music room]

[Lyon is in Austria's music class, and she's actually enjoying herself even though she doesn't really have much of a talent for music.  But she figures it's the same as swordplay - if you don't practice, you'll never improve.  So she's putting in some extra practice time after school and over the weekend, spending an hour or two at a time in the music room practicing her piano pieces.  She's starting with slower, easier pieces to get more of a feel for playing.  Anyone can feel free to happen by to encourage her or cringe at how she keeps missing notes and having to start over again.]

[Action; 747 Partridge Drive]

[Since arriving in town and meeting Ken, Lyon's developed something of a passion for cooking and baking.  Today, she's decided to try out a recipe for pumpkin pie that she found while she was looking around at the library.  Housemates can find her down in the kitchen getting all the ingredients prepared and baking up something good, while passersby might catch the whiff of something tasty as the scent wafts gently through the open window.  It's still cool enough that she can get away with leaving one open to vent the heat from the oven, after all.]

[Action; Makeout Point]

[And even though Lyon's managed to find some hobbies and other ways to enjoy herself so she doesn't just go stir crazy with worry, she definitely hasn't forgotten her primary duty - guard the Prince against all dangers.  Mayfield is easily the most dangerous place they've ever been, and many of the other residents have powers she's never had to contend with before, so Lyon knows that in order to keep up with all of that, she's going to have to train hard every day.  She can be found up on Makeout Point during the day before the drone teenagers start to show up, faithfully practicing sword drills and rune magic.  The only thing she has back so far is a Shield Rune, so she's not slinging elemental magic around, but she is working on maintaining the strength of barrier magic and healing spells.]

[Action; 753 Partridge Drive]

[With Homecoming fast approaching, Lyon has had to do some soul-searching and make some decisions.  There's been some awkward semi-romantic encounters, and she's almost certain Lym has spilled the beans to the Prince about their future in Falena, but Lyon's finally decided to be brave.  Fortune favors the bold, right?  So she's dressed up in a nice pretty dress, her hair tied up in the pink ribbons Ken bought for her a few weeks ago, and heading over to the Prince's house to knock on the door.]
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[When Lyon went to bed last night, she was certainly not expecting to wake up in a bowling alley. But here she is all the same. The first thing she does is take note of the small boy sleeping on the bench opposite her, as well as the fact that she's got bowling shoes on for some reason and seems to be missing her sword. Taking a deep breath, she walks around the alley for a little while taking note of her surroundings before trying the doors to no avail. After a thorough search, she finally comes back around to where she'd woken up, deciding it's probably for the best to wake up her bowling partner and see if he knows what's going on.]

Excuse me? Hello?

9th Star

Aug. 31st, 2011 09:39 pm
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[Phone; filtered from drones]

Um... I got a phone call earlier today asking why I haven't been to work in two weeks. Is this how it happens to everyone? You just get a call like that? And is there anyone else who works at the drive-in movie theater?

[Action; evening; Drive-In Theater]

[Later that evening, Lyon has decided it's probably for the best if she shows up for work. If what happened before is any indication, she wants to avoid being droned at all costs. She won't be hard to spot - after all, she's wearing her Queen's Knight uniform and carrying her sword with her, so she sticks out like a sore thumb. Most of her evening is spent hanging around the ticket booth selling tickets to whatever movie is showing, but once the film starts she starts making the rounds with a tray of snacks. Feel free to interact with her in either situation, though she's looking thoroughly embarrassed the entire time.]

8th Star

Jul. 20th, 2011 04:33 pm
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[Finally, that horrible forced truth-telling is over.  The revelations of the past week have been pretty hard on Lyon, and now all that's left is to think about what she learned and how she's going to treat her family in the future.  Miakis she could forgive, but Ken and Omi... she's going to need to give that some thought.  After all, her mortal enemy back home is an assassin, and she doesn't hold much love for the profession in general after what Nether Gate did to the royal family.]

[Action; outside 747 Partridge Drive]

[Lyon's musing is interrupted by a sudden delivery from the postman.  Judging from last time, she figures it's another package from home.  She's hoping it's her weapon, or maybe another Rune, but unfortunately the town has one last trick to play on her before it's done reminding her of assassins.]

Th-this is...!

[As she gets the package open, Lyon stares uncomfortably at its contents for a few moments before drawing out a small glass vial filled with a curious-looking green liquid.  She's too stunned to do anything but gaze blankly at it for a minute or so before she balls up her fist like she's going to shatter it on the ground.  At the last second, however, she stops.]

I can't believe they sent me this.  This has to be some kind of joke.

[Phone; filtered from drones]

Um... I have a question.  It might sound a little strange, but please just bear with me.  I'm sure all of you have someone very important in your life.  Someone you care about more than anything.  Maybe a close friend, or a family member... or someone you've sworn to keep safe at all costs.

[Lyon sighs, taking a breath before continuing.]

...Just how far would you go to keep that person safe?

[Action; outside 753 Partridge Drive]

[Lyon needs a few days on her own to think things over, and now that she's no longer in danger of blurting out anything ridiculous to the Prince, she's headed over to his house.  She has a pink backpack with her, and is carrying a pillow and a folded up blanket.  Smiling a little to herself, she heads up to the front door and knocks.]

Prince?  Are you home?
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[Ah, another beautiful summer day in Mayfield.  Lyon's trying to shake off some bad feelings from a couple of days ago, and what better way to do that than bringing a puppy home, right?  Right.  So she can be found in various places today.]

[Action; pet store]

Hello?  I'd like to buy one of the puppies from the window display!

[Lyon walks over to the window, pointing at the one in question for whoever happens to be working there today.]

Right, that one!  The little shy one hiding in the corner.

[Action; around Mayfield]

[Afterward, Lyon can be found happily carrying her new little friend around in her arms.  He's still a little shy, but seems happy and comfortable enough being carried around by his new owner.  Later on, she'll let him down to walk beside her.  The little guy keeps pretty close, trotting along cheerfully.]

[Action; 747 Partridge]

[Well, now it's time to see how the rest of the family is going to react to this.  Lyon opens up the door, picking up the puppy and walking inside with it.]

I'm home!

((OOC: Lyon hasn't noticed the effects of the event yet, so feel free to hit her with some questions, and she'll hit you back with some honesty.))

6th Star

Jul. 10th, 2011 08:31 pm
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[Well, it's been almost an entire week since Lyon's awkward date with the Prince.  She spent the first several days afterward moping around her room in her pajamas, the second few days after that moping around the house in her pajamas, and the next few days after that moping around town, though this time fully dressed.  She's mostly feeling better now, but there's one more thing she has to do and she's sort of been avoiding having to do it.  Still, though, she has a job to do and there's no way she can do it if she's avoiding the person she's trying to be guarding.  So today, Lyon can be found in a number of locations.]

[Action; outside 747 Partridge Drive; morning]

[Lyon wakes up at the crack of dawn, just like she's used to doing.  Though today, she's feeling good enough to get dressed and venture outside for some morning sword practice.  Nothing's better than getting your courage up and blood pumping by practicing some sword drills.  So she's out on the lawn for the first few hours of the morning doing just that, greeting the day with combat practice.  Anyone passing by will notice her running through the basics of swordsmanship, thrusting her nagamaki around with both hands.  For such a relatively young girl, she's actually very good with a blade - no movement is wasted, and every stroke is precise.]

[Action; pet store; afternoon]

[Once again, Lyon's standing outside the pet shop looking in the big display window full of adorable puppies for sale.  The bigger and more energetic ones have their faces and paws pressed up against the glass, yapping excitedly because OHMYGODPERSON.  Lyon, however, seems to be enthralled with the shy little runt in the corner that's just trying to keep quiet and not get trampled by the bigger puppies.  She smiles a little, tapping on the glass lightly with her finger and making adorable kissy noises with her mouth.]

Come on, little guy!  Come say hello!  I promise they won't hurt you, they're just excited!

[Action; 753 Partridge Drive; evening]

[Well, she's wasted enough time.  Probably best to just get this over with.  Lyon spends a bit of time alternately standing at the Prince's house staring at it, and pacing back and forth nervously in front of it.  Eventually, she gets up the courage to knock on the door.]

Prince!  Prince, are you there?  It's Lyon.
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[Lyon wakes up today with a spring in her step and a song in her heart.  Not only is it the 4th of July, but she's got a date with Freyjadour, her oldest childhood friend who she's had a crush on ever since she was eight years old and moved onto Partridge Drive from across town.  The two formed a fast friendship, and from then on they were almost inseparable.  Of course, as these things go, Lyon eventually developed feelings for him, but just didn't know how to tell him.  Finally, a week or so ago, her friends from school got tired of watching the two of them circling awkwardly around the potential of a relationship and set the two of them up on a date for the yearly 4th of July picnic.]

[Action; 747 Partridge Drive]

[So, housemates, have a happy, bubbly Lyon bouncing down the stairs in the morning.  Her curlers are freshly out of her hair, and she's got it done up in a cute little bob.  She spent almost a solid hour upstairs picking out what she was going to wear today, ending up with a modest but cute pink poodle skirt with black trim along the sides.  Her patent leather shoes are polished to a perfect shine, her ankle socks flawlessly riding the same height on her legs, and everything's perfectly in place for today.  Lyon is all smiles as she sits down at the breakfast table.]

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

[Action; around town]

[Lyon woke up really early and she's not due to meet her Prince until a little later on, so she's taking a stroll around Mayfield to enjoy the sights and sounds and say hello to her neighbors.  If she knows you particularly well, she'll be waving and probably stopping by to chat.  If she doesn't... well, she's a friendly girl who at least knows the faces of most people in town.  Have a cheerful wave and a cute smile all the same!  Nothing can ruin her good mood today.

Although, anyone who's paying enough attention will notice her stop every so often, her content smile faltering just a bit as she looks up to the sky in thought.  Her brow furrows for a few moments in concentration, like she's trying to recall something that's just at the edge of her thoughts...]


[...But then it's gone.  Lyon's easy smile is back, and she's on her way again.]

4th Star

Jun. 19th, 2011 01:22 pm
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[Father's Day, of course, means that Lyon wakes up in the morning feeling grateful and happy to be living with Ken and Omi, and wanting to do nice things for them like making breakfast.  Of course, she was planning on learning how to cook eventually anyway, so she doesn't really notice right away that anything is wrong.  Besides home, she can be found in a couple of different places today.]

[Action; 747 Partridge Drive]

Let's see... I watched Ken doing this before.  It doesn't look too hard...

[Lyon is down in the kitchen with a pan on the stove and a box of Bisquick, trying to puzzle out how to make a proper stack of pancakes.  She's following the recipe on the back as closely as possible, but a few of them might end up coming out sort of burnt.]

Oh no!  I must have waited too long before flipping it over!

[Discarding the burnt pancakes, she pours some more of the mix into a bowl and starts over.  This process may repeat a few times.]

[Action; Mayfield General Store]

[Lyon, having used up most of the cooking supplies failing at making pancakes, is out grocery shopping.  She's very conscientiously looking behind all of the other cartons of milk for the freshest ones, opening up the boxes of eggs to inspect them all and make sure none are broken, and just generally looking like the very picture of a Mayfield housewife - or in this case, a devoted teenage housewife in training - lovingly shopping for her family's food for the week.  You may even catch her cheerfully humming to herself.]

[Action; 753 Partridge Drive]

[The morning's breakfast adventures didn't go so well, so Lyon decided not to take any chances with bringing the Prince a Father's Day treat of his own.  She's bought some fresh cookies from Achewood Bakery to share with him, and after dropping off the rest of the groceries at home, she heads over to his house to knock on the door.]

Prince!  Are you home?  I brought you a present!

((OOC: Lyon is signed up for ALL THE MENS.))

3rd Star

Jun. 8th, 2011 06:47 pm
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[Action; outside 747 Partridge Drive]

[Lyon's got a special envelope for her in the mail today from the town... it's her regain reward for having participated in that horrible population control game from the week before.  She spends a bit of time staring at it, wondering whether this is going to be another dirty Godwin plot trick of the town or not, but eventually opens it.  There is a single piece of paper inside with the following symbol on it:

After a moment and a bright flash of light, the symbol is gone from the paper but now adorns Lyon's right hand.  She clenches and unclenches her fist, and the rune glows with a soft white light before disappearing.]

[Phone; filtered to Prince Freyjadour, Caesar Silverberg, Lilly Pendragon, Hugo of Karaya, and Viki]

Hello, everyone.  It's Lyon.  I got my Shield Rune back in the mail today.  Did any of the rest of you get any weapons or runes back from home?  I think it would be a good idea if we all shared what we've got so we can be prepared if the town does something again.

2nd Star

May. 17th, 2011 05:42 pm
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[Back home, Lyon is a proud Apprentice Queen's Knight serving the Prince of Falena.  In Mayfield, however, she's just another 16 year old girl.  And teenage girls are expected to attend high school during the week, so that's where Lyon is today.  She seems to be settling in well enough, even if she does feel a little awkward wearing a dress and carrying around a pink backpack.  All the same, she manages to get to school without incident.  However, she seems to be having a bit of an issue with names today.]

1. [It's homeroom!  The drone teacher is doing the morning rolecall.  Lyon is sitting at her desk, cheerful and attentive, until the teacher gets to a particular name on the roster.]


[All at once, the smile disappears as the color drains from Lyon's face.]

Mismar Hidaka?

[Her breathing quickens.]


[Finally, Lyon speaks up and raises her hand, but her voice is cracked and very uneasy.]

N-no.  I... I'm here.

[The drone teacher marks her down and moves on to the next name.  Lyon, for her part, looks extremely disturbed as she sits and thinks.]

2. [Later on, Lyon is sitting in the cafeteria quietly eating her lunch and trying to shake off the uncomfortable feeling she got earlier that morning.  Unfortunately, this isn't being helped much by the drones who keep walking by her table waving at her and calling her that same name from earlier.  Finally, it seems like she's had enough, as Lyon slams her hands down onto the lunch table and shoots out of her seat.]

That's not my name!

[She's all but trembling at this point, eyes flashing angrily as she snaps back at the drones, who quiet down fairly quickly and go on their way.  Looking around the cafeteria, Lyon blushes uncomfortably and sheepishly takes her seat again, eating quietly.]

3. [It's after school now, and it's been a long and exhausting day.  Lyon is walking home from school alone, frowning and sighing as she goes.  She's trying to avoid having to get into any more conversations with high school drones, so she's keeping her gaze cast downward.  Unfortunately, this also means she isn't paying a lot of attention to where she's going, so she may bump into you along the way.]

O-oh!  I'm sorry...

1st Star

May. 9th, 2011 06:29 pm
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Waking up at 747 Partridge Drive )

[Action; around Mayfield; early morning to mid-afternoon]

[Lyon is out the door before her new not!family even has the chance to meet her, taking to the streets just as most Mayfield residents should be leaving for their jobs or school.  She's in a bit of a panic given her unfamiliar surroundings, but doing her best to keep calm and controlled.  Finding the Prince comes first - she can worry about where she is afterward.]

Prince!  Prince, where are you?

[Action; around Mayfield; mid-afternoon to early evening]

[Later on in the day, after coming up empty asking for information about the Prince, Lyon turns her attention to trying to figure out where exactly she's been teleported to.  She doesn't know what drones are yet, so she's just asking whoever she sees around.]

Excuse me!  I'm afraid I'm a bit lost.  Can you tell me how far we are from the Queendom of Falena...?

[Action; 747 Partridge; early evening]

[Of course, Lyon's search is ultimately fruitless, and after spending a good deal of the day frantically running around town, she finally slinks back to 747 Partridge Drive.  New family, there is now a cute teenage girl looking rather downtrodden slowly making her way through the front door with a heavy sigh.]

What's going on in this town...
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